The Professional Touch by Monk Watston

The Professional Touch by Monk Watston

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In great shape! No tears. Original printing, ©1945 Published by Abbotts Magic Company. Here's a description of the contents from Abbott's Magic:

No matter what your interest in magic, we know that you will derive incalculable benefit and much worthwhile magic material from The Professional Touch. Only an experienced performer could write a practical book of this kind. No theories, but facts and tested procedures - that are invaluable when putting into practice. Therefore, you are not only getting a book containing original tricks, moves, and routines but information that will pay you dividends, be you a beginner, amateur or professional. Written by Donald "Monk" Watson.

There is nothing dry in the reading of The Professional Touch. You will love Monk's natural breezy style - and while you are absorbing the splendid advice on acquiring the professional touch in your performance, you will get many a chuckle in the bargain. Chapters embrace the following subject:

Lets Have A Reason For It
Yes , and a lot depends on just this. Tempo
Have you ever given any thought to this? You will! Stage Fright
You will feel more sure of yourself after reading this. Can A Trick Be Too Perfect?
Some magicians think not. Not What You Do
You will agree 100 percent on this one. To Acknowledge Applause
When you get it, make the most of it. Keep Your Salary Up
And why not? What Does It Get You To Expose? - Read what Monk has to say about this.

And, in the trick section you have the following to choose from:

Card Frame
Uncanny Block
A Quickie
The Birth of a New Trick
A Twist on Anti-Gravico
The Lota Drink

In addition, The 50-Card Lift will make a hit with all card workers as will the Behind Your Back routine which is a real fooler. Face To Face was one of Monk's favorites and it is still hard to beat. Those who saw Monk perform his invisible milk routine will know what to expect in a Milky Mix-Up and the Hand Rabbit Routine is included in these pages by the kind permission of Dell O'Dell who also allowed her original rhymed patter to be included. The book is printed in easily readable type on high quality book paper. The PDF book is 53 pages in length with many illustrations.