Pofessional Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill

Pofessional Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill

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PUBLISHER/MANUFACTURER Westwood Pub Co (January 1, 1994)

A classic “HOW TO HYPNOTIZE” book from a master of hypnosis. This book is one of the most useful books ever written on the subject of hypnosis both for therapeutic applications and for stage hypnosis. The legendary Ormond McGill deals with how to reach and program the subconscious mind. The techniques and concepts are clearly explained by a man with a profound understanding of hypnosis and suggestion, recognized by many hypnotists as one of the great masters of the art. Ormond McGill’s deep and profound understanding of hypnosis, and of subconscious communication, make his teachings clear and easy to follow, and he includes helpful diagrams of positioning and sequences of action.

Dr. John Butler

Westwood Publishing