All you wanted to know about Change Bags and 101 Tricks you can do with them by Sam Dalal

All you wanted to know about Change Bags and 101 Tricks you can do with them by Sam Dalal

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To the average magician, a Change bag is a device like a collection bag, that changes a couple of silks, ribbons, rope or other similar items. Well, there are several varieties of those, with short handles for one hand operation, and longer ones for two-hand operation, with single and double compartments (for a double change), with zippers to poke your hand through - Sam Dalal has made over a dozen varieties of this for his Magic service. But there are many other types of "change bags" like drawstring bags and ladies' purses, paper "pop bags", mesh shopping bags and crystal clear bags, some of which are props that can create very strong magic, without appearing as a magicians prop.

This booklet started out, (as have some of Sam's other magic booklets), as an instruction manuscript to accompany the several varieties of Change Bags made by his magicians Service, (pictured on the covers of this ebook), with some 3 dozen ideas for the One Hand, Repeat and Regular Change Bags.

Another 23 Deceptions with a Change Bag were added by kind permission of Paul Fried of D. Robbins & Co. Inc., is sufficiently different from the original 36 to warrant inclusion.

Then Sam added descriptions of some of the other varieties of props he produces that qualify as “Change Bags”, and some of the very special tricks one can perform with these, and finished with over 100 presentation “ideas”. He decided to include some of the very special ideas he had, for the Mesh and Clear Change bags, which he had “saved” as potential stand-alone commercial products, (like Dream Holiday) and threw out some of the repetitive ideas, and this ebook is the end result, a handy, and reasonably comprehensive ebook of things you could do with most varieties of Change Bags.

There are varieties of “Change Bags” that a performer with average “Handicraft” abilities and resources could make up at home, so construction of these is covered in a little more detail than of those one would be better off buying from a dealer.